Restructured Multi-Engine Training Format

First things first, what an outstanding website and resource. ATP needs to be commended for developing this site and more importantly, recruiting the pilots (ATP grads) who make this site what it is.

Now on to business - I noticed that ATP has changed the format for training when it comes to the multi-engine section and I have a couple of questions I’m hoping someone can answer. Since the multi rating is an add-on after the CFI course does this mean: a. we return to our home training location get our multi-engine add-on and then return to the CFI school for our CFMEI or b. we receive our multi training/rating and CFMEI at the CFI school? Just curious if it’s b. how do we accumulate multi-engine time if the training isn’t conducted by us but rather the CFI school? Prior to this course adjustment everything was crystal clear but now it’s just a little ambiguous.

Thanks in advance


You will attend CFI school for just your initial CFI rating, then you will return to your home school for all of your multi engine work. There is still multi engine training being conducted at each location, but not as much as there once was. Since the 1,500 hour rule came into effect there has not been nearly the emphasis on multi time that there once was, so ATP has responded accordingly.

Thank you for your kind words about this forum. It is nice to know that people find value in what we do here.

Keep your questions coming.


Each student gets 10 hours of multi-engine time, so when you think about how many students you’ll instruct, it will add up. I’m in the middle of getting my multi-engine before crew right now!

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Students on the earlier program do 10 hours of multi time for their complex training requirements, whereas when I get there we will be doing our TAA in a G1000 Skyhawk with Autopilot.

See I actually am in latest structuring for the program than Zachary is. I’m in the current ACPP program where all 25 hours of multi time is done post CFI Academy, so I won’t actually touch the Seminole until the last month of my training.