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Hello everyone,
I have a question in regards to building my resume to be the most appealing possible for airlines in the future. I currently hold a 3.7 GPA, I am Vice President of Alumni Relations in a fraternity, and in addition, I am also a board member for Aviation Management Society in my college. In my fraternity we do a lot of volunteer work that benefit the community. We often times do fund raisers for a good cause. In Aviation Management Society, one of the things we do is we set up career fairs with many airlines, including, United, American, Envoy, and much more. These career fairs are completely set up and run by students. I know one of the main things airlines look for is what ratings and certificates you hold, but my question is, what other things can I potential add or do in the near future to improve my resume? Would my GPA look good when I apply for a major airline in the future? To my knowledge I know a check ride bust is far more hurtful then a bad GPA and I am doing my best to avoid that. I feel that I am currently doing good in my training. I am also searching for more volunteer opportunities because I know the airlines like to see that. I’m also looking into joining the Latino Pilot’s Association soon, and potentially doing volunteer work for them when I become an instructor or regional airline pilot. I hope to hear from you guys soon! If you have any recommendations on how to format my resume for companies please let me know!


No busts, extra ratings (ME, MEI, FII), gold seals, ATM (ATP ME written exam), ATP-CTP, and community service are all great ways to boost your resume. I would keep doing what you’re doing community service-wise and consider some of the extra ratings, endorsements and courses I mentioned. 3.7 GPA is good. Some airlines ask for it, others don’t. Actually, I think most don’t. But if you’re still in school, obviously there’s still time to improve it.

Also, some airlines love to see continued interest. Attending job fairs and updating your resume monthly are simple ways to do that.



As someone who’s been on hiring boards I can tell you the extra curricular stuff is nice but it’s really not what the airlines are looking for. Licenses, ratings and flight experience is huge. It’s great that you’re involved but that doesn’t mean you’ll get through training or can fly a plane.

Where those things will benefit you is networking. Every pilot that gets an interview will have the requirements. What will set you most apart is a good word or letter of recommendation from people who’ve flown and worked with you. Earn a reputation as a good pilot and a good worker and you’ll do well.



All of the extra things that you are doing look great, but do not forget to focus on the primary things that matter, flight training and building hours. At the end of the day, airlines care far more about an applicant having quality flight time and experience than they do about what fraternity they were in. I do not mean this to discourage you from what you are doing, just saying to not lose sight of the primary mission.


Thank you I appreciate all your responses. I definitely ensure I never forgot about the primary mission. I’m studying endlessly in aviation and I’m doing very well in my flight training. I’m very close to my private pilot checkride. Next semester, I will be doing concurrent trainning for commercial time building while working on obtaining my Instrument at the same time at my school. That being said hopefully I will have my instrument by summer and my commercial maybe by early fall. I’m also considering obtaining a high-altitude, complex/high performance, and sea plane rating. The sea plane rating is definitely the main additional rating I look forward to obtaining! Also, my plan is to become a CFI by senior year. Thankfully my school also gives us a CFII for free if we go the instructor route. I should have my private, commercial, instrument, and CFI all by the end of junior year. It could’ve been sooner but COVID ruined a lot . Then while I’m CFI I will work on my multi and CFII. Hopefully all goes well, I’ll be very busy for while. Anyways, I have a question, what exactly are gold seals and what is FII ?


FII is the Flight Instructor Instrument which is the FAA knowledge exam that’s required for your CFII.

The following is from the FAA re: Gold Seal:
GOLD SEAL FLIGHT INSTRUCTOR CERTIFICATES. The specific requirements for the gold seal flight instructor certificate are contained in FAA Orders 8700.1, General Aviation Operations Inspector’s Handbook, and 8710.3C, Pilot Examiner’s Handbook. Flight instructor certificates bearing distinctive gold seals are issued to flight instructors who have maintained a high level of flight training activity and who meet special criteria. Once issued, a gold seal flight instructor certificate will be reissued each time the instructor’s certificate is renewed. Applicants for gold seal flight instructor certificates must meet the following requirements:
a) The flight instructor must hold a commercial pilot certificate with an instrument rating (glider flight instructors need not hold an instrument rating) or an ATP certificate;

b)The flight instructor must hold a ground instructor certificate with an advanced or instrument ground instructor rating; and

c)The flight instructor must have accomplished the following within the previous 24 months:

(1) Trained and recommended at least 10 applicants for a practical test, at least 8 of whom passed their tests on the first attempt;

(2) Conducted at least 20 practical tests as a designated pilot examiner, or graduation tests as chief instructor of a 14 CFR part 141 approved pilot school course; or

(3) A combination of the above requirements. (Two practical tests conducted equal the credit given for one applicant trained and recommended for a practical test.)


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