Retired military

I recently retired from the Air Force as a flight engineer. I have over 4000 flight hours with 11 deployments. The flight engineer trade is dwindling with modern aircraft, and I am considering going the pilot route. I’m not sure if any of my hours would be considered for a proficiency advancement through any ATP school since time is of the essence. I am still flying as a government contractor, but I know my days of being an FE are coming to an end.


FAR 61.159 is very clear on this and states you can use 3hrs of FE time for every one of flight time not to exceed 500hrs.

That will not accelerate the training but will enable you to get your ATP with 1,000hrs.



As Adam said, you will get a reduction in the flight time needed to get your ATP license, but no flight school will be able to offer anything along the lines of reducing the flight time needed for you to obtain your pilots licenses. While I am sure you had a great deal of exposure to flying, the jobs of a FE and a pilot are very different, the FAA recognizes this and as such does not offer any sort of reduction in hours for pilot training.