Right path

I am high school graduate student and because of family situation I never get a chance to go to college because of my family situations so now I’m not sure what to do because I already have lost sometimes supporting my family and now I dont know if I can pursue my career just only with high school graduate or I need to do basic college before I shoulp apply to atp flight school?
I really need opinion because I wanna set my life in with what I am interested in before my kids have to go through like I did.

Hello Parth,

You don’t say what you’re doing now but to attend ATP you need either a college degree, your Private pilot’s license or some comparable work experience (ie, working a steady job with some level of responsibility for 2+ yrs). Know that even if you have the work experience you will at some point want to get your degree or you may find your career options in aviation somewhat limited.

Also, and please I mean no offense, but if you filled out an application for employment at an airline the way you wrote your post it would be rejected. Please work on cleaning it up sooner than later.


Little more information on my past I am Indian and just moved in to states in 2011 and because I moved with family and not much knowledge in English language so my family couldn’t get job and that’s why I was the only one had to take all responsibility on age of 17 feed the family of 5 people and plus doing my last year in high school.
Since I finished my high school I have been working 2 jobs at all times and making money to get my life set up and now finally I got chance than I felt like what to do but I have been working at airport as ramp agent since last 4 years and since last three years I started getting interest in to flying and than in free time I talked to with pilots and ask questions and than I started going in to cabin with then and learning about instruments and switches and than returning pilots stared to approaching me and if they have free time than they call me up in cabin and than ask me questions about instruments to know that do I still remember or not about what they taught me last time. So that’s when I decided to be pilot and since than I am looking for first step to start.


If you are interested in flying your first step should be to take an introductory flight. That is really the only way to truly see if you like flying or not. You can take an introductory flight either through ATP or a local flight school. From that point if you decide that flying is truly what you want to do you can further explore flight training options.

Part of being a pilot is reading and writing English clearly. This is required by the FAA and in general just shows attention to detail. Please try to remember that when posting on this forum.