RJet cadet program

Hello everyone

I’ve been recently reviewing the RJet Cadet Program and I have a question about it, maybe someone would be able to help me out, I would really appreciate the help.

For Cadets with ATP (1500HRS):
Commercial certificate
No more than 1000 hrs or less 6months until date of conversion to first officer

That means I need 1000hrs before I can apply?

No it’s a little confusing to read. Its filtering the minimum rating needed to apply based on which ATP (airline transport pilot) certificate you’ll be getting. Most people fall under the 1500 hrs. The R-ATP 1000 hrs is for military and 141 training programs through accredited universities.

You can apply as long as you have a commercial certificate but no later than 1000 hrs or 6 months from employment.



I found the “no more than one checkride bust interesting”.


Thank you Hannah