Room and Board

I heard ATP flight students are full time and cannot work or go to school. My question is this, how are the students able to pay for food or is this included in the tuition


I personally had some cash saved up during the program that lasted me throughout, but I know that you can request some extra money from your lender on top of tuition for room and board.
Your best bet though, would be to call the financing counselors in Jacksonville, they will give you the best advice.



As Yarden said, I requested extra funds when I got my student loan for expenses. Either that or save up, prepare then tighten the belt.


my wife and I decided to buy a small used travel trailer and put it at a campground. we found a good deal on a decent unit and the campground is half of what the student apt would be and I will have my own space. only downside I see is maybe I will miss getting together as a group to study unless they invite me over???


Whatever works for you is great. I am sure that there will be plenty of opportunities for you to get together with the other guys/gals and study. I was never a big fan of group studying, but it seems to really work for some people.