I started flying back in March of 2022 and I ended getting 57 hours and stopped flying in October because I started to fall in pretty deep debt time has passed now and I’ve taken care of most of my debt but on to the more important thing I feel like if I don’t start now until I finish I will never become a pilot I honestly don’t know where to start because I want to go to a school that I have to attend to every day that would be the only way for me to actually finish does anyone have any type of guidance anything would help


First off can I interest you in a period or a comma? They’re free and make LONG sentences far easier to understand (just something to think about).

As for where to start (and finish), this is ATPs forum and ATPs Airline Career Pilot Program is the single best route to a career as a professional pilot. ATP has been training pilots for the airlines for over 35yrs and have had literally tens of thousands of grads hired over that time (over 1,100 in the last 12mos alone).

Here’s a link to theirs website and the program. I suggest you spend some quality time reading the info (there’s a ton). Feel free to come back with more specific questions.



Seems like you took the route of working towards your Private Pilot License outside of ATP and you ran into the #1 problem other than flight school troubles… debt. Learning to fly is not cheap and lots of individuals (like myself including) will service a loan for the full amount with a school/program like ATP so that way we don’t run into those issues as you noted.

As Adam mentioned, ATP has been in business now almost 40 years, and continues to grow for those learning to fly into their dream. I am a big numbers and facts guy, below is a link that provides statistics on ATP, nearly 1,100 pilots hired in the last 12 months… you can be one of those 1,100+ if attending ATP in the near future.

I also like the thread title, however I think we missed V1…



The problem with paying as you go, you fly until you run out of money. Then your skills deteriorate as you build your training fund back up. Then when you get back to training, you have to spend more time and money getting the proficiency you once had back. You’re working hard, spending a lot of money and not making much forward progress. Let alone the factor of busting check rides because you weren’t as proficient as you’d like to be. Now your future career is also at risk.

Now the alternative that gets people through training with consistent flying and no financial lulls, taking out a loan. It’s a large unsecured loan and can be difficult to be approved for on your own so you should consider applying with a cosigner.