Rough air

So my friend has an airplane and lately we been flying, just so I can get use to the feel in the air. However last time we went flying we experience a lot of choppy air where he plane was rocking from side to side, being new to this industry it still takes a while for my body to get used to all that.

I was wondering will that feeling of “scared/worrriness” will go away over time…

In addition he said he wanted to break me in with some stalls and everything, do you think the body will adjust to that being new to the industry? Sorry if I’m not making sense lol

Riding in a small plane in turbulence while not flying my first time was rather nerve racking, mainly because it feels a bit different than a big plane. Once you are the one flying in it for a little while, I guess you just get used to it? You also realize that turbulence, while uncomfortable, isn’t dangerous, just uncomfortable, unless it gets really bad. I’ve had passangers in my little 172 ask if the bumps are normal and I realize that I come to not really think about it as much.


It really all just depends on you. I have never enjoyed the flight maneuvers and the sensation they cause, but I tolerate them. I have gotten used to the sensation over time.


Thanks for the insight tucker!! Yea with my start date being July 17 I’m trying to get used to the different feeling and everything! I love flying but just need to get used to weird uncomfortable feelings lol.


Flying is not a natural act and many of the sensations do take some getting used to. That said there’s a difference between concern/discomfort and terror. Hopefully it’s not the latter.



Rough air can be a challenge at first. The sensation of flying in an aircraft such as a 172 is drastically different from the feelings one encounters on an airliner. While it depends on you, my body as well as many other pilot’s have ended up adapting to it. With more time in these conditions, your body will eventually get used to it. You just have to give it time.


Thanks Will! I was just wondering will this feeling eventually go away lol… but I guess I have nothing to worry about and it will over time.