Sacramento Schools vs Phoenix or Portland Schools

I have recently made the decision to pursue ATP however, after reading the various information with the various schools I’ve researched, I was wondering if it’s just certain schools that have certain relationships/affiliations with regional airlines in regards to placement? I also wanted to know what ATP school would you all recommend? I have narrowed it down to four options for myself, so it would be between Sacramento, Phoenix, Portland or Seattle. I am just concerned that I will not be able to complete all the requirements if the school is no completely equipped with aircrafts and or instructors and I would like to avoid this at all cost if possible. I am looking for a school who have instructors who would put in as much time and effort in order to assist me in successfully completing the program, through his/her guidance, leadership and mentorship. I’ve done some research and I’ve seen the numbers at the Phoenix school compared to Sacramento and I question why such a great difference in instructors?

Any information and or recommendations is much appreciated, before I take the next step.

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Well for starters the Phoenix location is I believe the biggest ATP location, with the most places, students and instructors. The Phoenix one is also where one of the CFI Academy’s are. The reason some locations are bigger based on numbers is because the facilities vary in size. If they have more instructors and students, then they will also have more planes to accommodate that amount.

Are you asking if certain ATP locations are affiliated with certain regionals while others may not be? If so, ATP as a whole is affiliated with the regionals listed.

I’m currently at the PAE location, which is everett Washington and the only thing that extends the amount of time as a student is weather from time to time, and every instructor here wants every student to succeed. So I imagine that every location will be just the same.

Thanks Josh for the feedback. I was just wondering about the affiliations because when I looked up the various schools there were different information shared on each ATP location school site, so I was just wondering if it was school specific, but now that you mention it, it’s referring to the entire locations of school.

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No problem!


All of ATPs affiliations are available at all of their location. As for location ATP strives to provide standardized and consistent training throughout all their locations. It’s you call where you go. Whether it’s for weather, convenience, near family or simply because you’ve always wanted to checkout bla bla bla, you’ll be fine.


I would simply pick the location that is most convenient and not give it much more thought. ATP tries very hard to standardize all of their locations. Your experience should be very similar from one location to the next.


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Thanks Adam! That’s what I was thinking, just wanted confirmation since I’ve read different reviews from various students.

Thank you Chris, that’s what I had thought, just needed confirmation.