Safe to apply for the loan online?

Alright everyone I have another question! So I’m looking to apply for the loan in a couple of weeks and have a co-signer as well. My question is are there other methods to applying for this loan besides going online? It makes me nervous throwing out all of my personal information and my co-signers information on the internet. Is this process safe to do online? Or can I actually apply a different way? Thank you!!!


The application websites are secure (SSL) websites and I don’t believe anyone has had an issues to date. I suppose you could call the lenders and apply over the phone or actually fill out a paper form but I’d feel less secure giving my info to a stranger over an unsecured phone line or worse writing it all down in ink where it can be easily copied.


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Keep in mind that even if you apply over the phone or via a paper form the lenders systems are all online so the data will be transferred to those online systems. The lenders will then get a credit report for both of you which is also done online. There honestly is probably no way around this at this day and age. The recent Equifax data breach should be much more concerning than completing an online SSL loan application.

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Hi Adam,

Thanks for the info. You’re right in that it’s safer doing it through a secure website versus a random person on the phone. Thank you!


Hi Jason,

You have a good point in that my information will end up online anyway because they’ll likely enter it online. Thank you for the info!