Sallie Mae Financing


I think whatever Kirk tells you is what is best as far as obtaining financing. He is by far the expert in this area and I defer to him.


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I am going to go apply for a Sallie Mae loan of $50,000 dollars in August or September and begin flight training first. Then, after a few months, I will apply for another $50,000 dollars loan with either Sallie Mae or Meritize. Does ATP Flight School charge $20,000 dollars every 2 months?



Keep in mind that you will need full proof of financial ability before starting training. That being said, if you plan on using financing, you will need to be approved for the full amount of tuition prior to reserving a class date. Have you had a chance to speak with Kirk in finance in regards to this plan?

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Hello Brady,
I just applied to sallie mae on 2/4/22 for essentially the whole loan for $115k. I gained ~9 hours in 2020 when I was trying to commission into the Air Force. I have a B.S. with some debt from 2019. I was told I needed a cosigner, but that’s where my bigger issues start - all of my immediate family is retired, though some are well-off, they might not be approved after asking/convincing them to cosign. My father is trying to apply as the cosigner but from what I know he may not be approved. I want to avoid reaching out to extended family for such a huge loan, and I know aviation is something I’ve dreamt about since I was little (grew up in pensacola watching the Blue Angels air show which usually fell on my birthday in mid-July) and my mother worked on NAS pensacola where they’re stationed. Im curious as to what avenues or suggestions you have for someone in my position who might not have resources for a co-signer and not making much money even utilizing their degree?I apologize in advance for the long read. Any advice is appreciated. I saw the message about Kirk in finance and do plan to call, but open to any other suggestions!
Thank you in advance!


Calling Kirk really is your best option. Any financial advice we would have for you would be circumstantial at best and everybody’s situation is unique. Give Kirk a call.