Sallie Mae personal financing

Hello! My name is Peter Aretz and I’m a future pilot of America.

I was wondering about ATP’s Sallie Mae loan and how much of my expenses it could cover.

I have a car payment of $377 a month. I was curious if Sallie Mae can cover this in the loan? Or is there transportation available while in school that would be sufficient enough for me to sell my car.

While I know this is not fiscally responsible, I’m itching to get in the air and with my ground school completed and knowing that I shouldn’t work while in school, I’m curious if I need to continue to save until I have a full year’s worth of payments, or just jump in.

Thank you to everyone checking this forum and those who have the knowledge to clarify this for me.


It may be possible to get extra funds to cover your expenses but that will obviously depend on your credit.

I suggest you contact ATP and speak with their finance people as they can give you much more info.



You have two options, 1) meet with your personal finance advisor or 2) contact the ATP Finance Department for the financial inquires. You can factor in an extra amount per month if you utilize the funding in the loan. The loan approval will be determined on a lot of factors based on the credit lenders TOC.