Scandinavian Airline pilot Strike

Hello aviators, I want to know your opinions and thoughts on the scandinavian Airline pilot strike situation.



Honestly I know little about the duty regs in Scandinavia or the pilot’s contract, work rules, etc. What I can say is this, no pilot ever wants to go on strike. If you’re on strike you’re not getting paid and you’re also aware of the effect it has on people’s lives. A strike isn’t good for anyone.

Again I don’t know many specifics, but from what I have read the pilot’s are simply seeking salary increases and work rules that will bring them in line with their peers and that sounds pretty reasonable to me. It also emphasizes the importance and need for pilot unions and legislation that govern labor/mgmt. relations such as the Railway Labor Act. While many pilots criticize this piece of legislation, it is envied by pilots around the World.



I do not know much about it, but I can tell you that pilots do not strike when they are happy. There are usually some pretty solid reasons behind a strike.