Schedule Cycles

When are the start dates for each “semester” at ATP? Does it vary by location? What I mean by start dates is how often does a new group of students start their 9 month period? Is it every other month, 3 times a year, twice? I looked for info on this on the ATP website but failed to find it. Is this something I should call in instead to talk about? Anything is helpful, thank you!

I think they are pretty flexible and can work with you on the start date. I know that I had a few different options. I’ve been attending the online classes/webinars and it looks like a bunch of them started at/around the same time, but I don’t think that’s set in stone for everyone. It probably depends on the current roster of instructors at your desired location and their current capacity.


ATP starts classes every month. You should contact admin for exact dates at your chosen location but in most cases the can accommodate you.



Per ATP’s website, classes start every Monday.


Awesome. Thank you guys for the info!


Classes do fill up though, so if you have a desired class date, it is best to reserve it several months in advance.