Scheduleding start date

So did my intro ME flight today and it was amazing, further reinforced my decision to go with ATP. Now the issue I am having is I want to do 100 hr Me at KFFC, but it doesn’t say online that it is offered. Today when I did my flight at KFFC I was told that it is and they actually got some one starting next week at that location for 100me course. Any suggestions. The reason I ask and prefer KFFC over LZU is commute time. I live in Macon Ga and it takes about 1:15 to KFFC vs 2+ hrs to KLZU, since being on the other side of Atlanta, traffic is always horrible. So I don’t want to waste 4-5 hrs driving everyday when I can be using that time more efficiently. Any suggestions?? I have already paid the deposit and scheduled for LZU since I didn’t know prior to today but KFFC has always been my first choice … so what options do I have ?

Thanks :slight_smile:

Not sure I’m understanding the problem? You say you want to do the 100hr at KFFC and they told you it is in fact offered there soooooo what’s the question?


It said online that it is NOT offered at KFFC so I scheduled for KLZU, today when I went there, they said it is offered and someone is actually starting next week for it.

Not only KFFC is closer the CFI I flew with was great, sat down and answered ALL the questions, really took his time to make sure I felt comfortable before we went up and just was a blast to fly with.

My question is, since I already put the deposit and scheduled a class date and then had to bump it for 2 weeks later due to the issue with FAR 61.75 license we discussed before and to make sure I allow myself enough time to get thru with the private checkride and unrestricted Private, do I have the option to change to KFFC instead of KLZU to avoid me at least 3-4 extra hours of drive time since I course is infact offered there and the website said otherwise


I would call ATP first thing Monday am and tell them exactly that. Explain the situation and if they can I’m certain they will accommodate the change.



Out of curiosity, why do you want to do the 100 hour multi program? The 40 hour program is significantly less expensive, provides the exact same training and will get you to the airlines every bit as fast.


i plan to stay with ATP for instructing and I did read the posts about 40 ME time is sufficient cause with ATP you’ll get enough in the instructing phase. I personally just want to be more proficient in the Seminole with added hours in my log book before CFI MEI phase so I can be that much more confident every time I go up with a student. I also like the ME crew style cross country part of the program, after watching Ryan on prop and gear I was that much more intrigued by it :slight_smile:

Personally may be just a change of pace since I have been flying Cessnas since 99 technically lol

Also with the airlines sign on bonuses they way they are now, extra 10k in the grand scheme of things isn’t that bad, I might have chosen the 40 ME if the aviation climate was different to be more cost effective vs going for a personal preference:-)

Sound slick you have it figured out then. Like Adam said, call the admissions department and see if they can help you with the 100 hour program.