Scholarship Information From AOPA


From how I understand it, these scholarships are tailored to the high school student who wants to earn their PPL. Limited in scope, but generous nonetheless. ATP and AOPA should have a conversation. Don’t you think?


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Ughh, I hope not. I was planning to finish my application this weekend.

…scholarships are for primary and advanced flight training students…

I hope I’m wrong, but it does say, “…advanced flight training students, high schoolers…”


I don’t believe being a high school student is mandatory unless you are applying for the AOPA High School Flight Training Scholarship. Below are the eligibility requirements. They offer a variety of different ones according to their website. Although, the application process is fairly rigorous, granted it is free money.
Wonder what they odds are like :woozy_face:


You are correct. I looked through AOPA’s website more. They offer a variety.



No worries. I think the two recommendations are the biggest hurdle with the deadline approaching, but I am going to give it a shot.



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