Hi, my name is Siyuan, I am planning to get my PPL next year and found two scholarships that I can apply for, NGPA and PAPA, but I don’t really know how the financial part works.

When I apply for ATP, do I need to pay the fixed tuition fee before starting the training? The reason I ask is that each organization has their own application deadline, and requires applicants to be a student already. If I applied for a loan and paid for my training upfront, how will the scholarships pay for my training?


ALL the funds must be available and the first payments made BEFORE you start training. Any information regarding any scholarships and how’d you’d receive the money you’d need to discuss with the organizations providing it.


You will need to pay ATP’s fees based on the schedule they provide. This varies if you are paying cash or financing your training.

As for how the scholarships pay out, you will need to reach out to those individual organizations and ask them directly.


You need to plan on securing financing or having the cash to pay for ATP up front. That’s the only way you can start training. Then any scholarships you end up receiving, you could apply to the cost of your loan. Just be sure to check with those organizations on how the scholarships will be paid out.


Totally understand, thank you guys so mcuh!!!