School and Flight Training at the same time?

This is first post, and I need some advice. My plan currently is to go to my local community college and to a local flight school to obtain my private pilots license while completing my associates. I’m aware that I don’t have to major in anything aviation related, as all major airlines look for is a four year degree. I’ve gone on a discovery flight, and I enjoyed it a lot, but I wanted to know if my plan is feasible. So I obtain my private pilots license, IFR, and maybe commercial while in community college, and after community college, I will transfer to a university and obtain a degree, and afterwards train toward a multi-engine, CFI, and ATP certificate. Is this a good idea? It sounds complicated, but I’m trying to save as much money as I can, since I will be getting community college for free through a program at my school. I also have other questions regarding purchasing an aircraft, but I’ll save that for another post. Thanks guys!


Your plan sounds good in theory and I don’t want to rain on your parade but I seriously doubt you’d be able to get your PPL, IR and Commercial in 2 yrs while going to school.

While it should be possible, the fact is most people who train locally and part-time end up taking considerably longer and worse survive spending ALOT more money. Effective flight training relies heavily on consistency and many flight schools don’t have the resources and life and school can also halt your progress. Further to get your ATP you need 1500hrs would be almost impossible to build in the remaining 2yrs working part-time.

I recommend you visit our FAQ section as we outline more recommended routes to the airlines.



Well, I’ve seen people who go all the way through college and wait to get any type of flight training. I know that in order to enroll into ATP, you have to meet the criteria of having college hours, a PPL, and be at least 18. I want to at least obtain a private pilots license while i’m in community college. How long do you think that would take, taking into account the school hours, and maybe even a job? I know ATP flight school will cut down the cost if I have my PPL on the zero-time to airline program. Thanks again!


I got my PPL while in college, it took me well over a year to do so and was a huge stressor. I found that I was constantly juggling my college studies and trying to fly three times per week. It was impossible to do both, something always suffered. Either my college classes went on the back burner, resulting in lower grades, or my flight training took a hit, resulting in it taking longer and costing more money. If you are also trying to work during college, forget about it.

I know it sounds great to flight train while in college, but it really isn’t ideal. You would be far better off compressing your classes to graduate a semester early and then using that time for flight school.

As to the costs, keep in mind that to enter ATP with a PPL, you will also need 78 hours of flight time, not just a PPL. Many schools quote some bargain price to get a PPL, but that is usually based off of the minimum flight time required by the FAA, most students take much more time.



If you want to get your PPL while in college because you want to get started flying you could probably get that done BUT if you’re doing it to “cut the cost” honestly that probably not going to happen. As Chris said you’ll need at least 78hrs and many people end up paying more again due to not being able to fly regularly.

You’ll be paying the money, just to 2 flight schools instead of one.