School Options


I am currently a Senior in high school and extremely interested in the aviation, specifically piloting, field. I recently was accepted into Central Washington University’s Aviation Program however I am still waiting on a decision from the United States Coast Guard Academy. Theoretically, if I get into the USCGA, what would be a better option in terms of being able to fly commercial/airline planes after my years at the schools. Does anyone have any experience going through either program?


Thomas O.


If you get accepted into the Academy, it will really depend on what your assignment ends up being. If you are assigned to airplanes, that is a great way to get to the airlines. If you are assigned helicopters, that will really slow you down as the airlines want to see airplane time And of course if you end up on a boat, that is a completely different subject.

I can’t speak to the college that you were accepted to, but I can tell you that I am generally leary of college aviation programs as they are typically very expensive and do not give you a backup plan should aviation not work out for some reason. I recommend going to a regular college, getting a degree in something that interests you, then attending a school with a fast track training option after that. This is usually the fastest, most economical path to the airlines.