Second Class Medical Careers

I am 2 weeks into training for my PPL. I just found out that I will never be able to get a first class medical certificate due to an uncorrectable eye issue. IF, I jump through some hoops I may be able to obtain a second class medical.
My question is this… is it worth it to keep going career wise? Can I become a Bush Pilot, or tourism pilot and still make a living without a first class medical?
Thank you for your input.


There are a number of jobs you could get without a First Class but it will keep you from the top paying positions


You think I could be a bush pilot without a 1st class?

It depends on the company. Technically only airline pilots need a First Class, but some other companies require that you have one. You need to do some digging on Google to find which specific companies only require a Second Class.


Your options could be severely limited by not having a first class medical. While you do not technically need one for many jobs, companies often require them. I would do some serious research and give this some very deep thought before committing to flying as a career.

I am sorry, I know that is not the answer you were hoping for.

Thanks for your honest responses, it’s what I needed to know.