Seeking Program information/guidance with my situation

Hello All,
A little background on myself, I am a military flyer rated for the KC130J. I am doing my military competency for my commercial, instrument, multi and single but no CFI/CFII/MEI. There is a possibility I will be getting out for medical reasons (can still pass a class 1 faa physical). Now my main questions:

  1. Will I need to start from scratch with this program since my total flight time (over 250 hours) has been in military trainers/type model series aircraft and not civilian aircraft. (T6B, C12, KC130J).
  2. My next step would be getting my instructor quals; since I already have multi time (over 150 hours) would I need to do the entire multi program in order to be eligible to be an mei with atp (Assuming I would get chosen) to get familiar with the multi engine aircraft ATP uses or will I need to start with single CFI and have to do ATPs full multi course and add MEI later or is there another familiarity process I would have to do?
  3. Can you fail/be rejected from the program based off of your initial flight? I have about 12 hours only in a cessna/civilian aircraft. Almost all flight time has been in military aircraft

Thanks all for any and all help


There would be no point in you starting the program. ATP has 2 entry points, one from 0 time and one from your PPL.

You simply need to convert your licenses and find a low time job to build the required hours. If you want to be a CFI you can do that at your local flight school.



There is no sense in spending $100k to redo all the training when you can convert your licenses and continue building time. I’d visit your local FSDO for more information and the steps to convert them.



The others answered your questions well. I would just point out that in the civilian world we have “First Class” medicals and not “Class 1”. Might as well start speaking civilian now :slight_smile:



I’m with the others here, reach out to your local FSDO and question about converting your licenses. There are plenty of low time jobs especially with your turbine experience that would probably pick you right up.

For the medical, you will want to schedule and reach out for a FAA First Class Medical Certificate, see below screenshot for guidance. You may also visit the link below to get to the screenshot where you can get the hyperlinks for the websites (scroll about halfway down):