Seeking Sky West & SWA pilot correspondence


I am hoping to learn more insights about Sky West and Southwest Airlines culture and work life balance specifically.

If anyone would be willing to offer greater insight offline, I’d sincerely appreciate it.

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The method of discussion is through the forum. There is always something to be learned from publicly asking and receiving answers - maybe someone else will come across your question and answer you receive to help their decision one day.

I am sure Hannah will be able to answer any questions that you may have in which she has knowledge of from her experience working for SkyWest Airlines.


Understood, thanks so much for the heads up and understanding

@Hannah , @Brady shared that you work for Sky West, I was really curious about your experience in your first year there, the culture, pace, etc.

Any insight would be helpful.


Hey Joshua,

I’ve been at Southwest for 4 years and was SkyWest prior. I can speak to what it was like back then but not much as far as post-COVID. I truly enjoyed my experience with SkyWest overall and though the work rules were nowhere near as good, there are a lot of things that I miss! That’s saying a lot given I currently work for my dream airline. SWA has a ridiculously good setup with work rules and ability to adjust schedules. We also have extremely efficient trips which means a lot more time off than most (or if you prefer to work, a lot more money). If you have any specific questions about either, send them my way.