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Seniority and Raise

“Hideous beast”, so true!

The L-1011 and the DC-10 were the last two airplanes my grandfather flew, I’ve always wished I could fly either one someday! Other option being getting a DC-3 type, eventually if it’s still an option, I’ve heard there is an outfit in FL which can still provide SIC and PIC type ratings in the DC-3 in about 10-15 hours respectively for commercial/ME/tailwheel rated pilots…

A buddy of mine from ground school flew cargo in the DC-3 in Hawaii for a while before he came to SkyWest. He said that there are only a few DPEs that do DC-3 rides and that they charge an astronomical fee ($25,000 is what I vaguely remember he said) to do them.


I mean it is what it is, the 777/787’s are great airplanes too. As for flying cargo, i’ve not heard the best things about that lifestyle since most cargo flights are conducted late at night, and other cons. I’m definitely more of a day time person so as I look that far ahead I see myself going airlines like Adam and Chris

I’d happily fly a toaster if someone was willing to pay me to do it…


James you crack me up :joy::joy::joy:


For James:



I hear you, Chris. After reading ‘With My Head in the Clouds’ by Gwyn Mullett, i was hoping for a shot at the VC10. His dash across the North Atlantic set the record for the fastest crossing (by an airliner other than Concorde) at five hours one minute. Great book, still in print :flight_departure: