Sept 17 Reserve Schedule

I bid Reserve this month because a) I was feeling lazy and b) I wanted to start mentally transitioning from the Bus to the 717. Got off pretty easy.

8/31 Resv No Call
9/3-9/11 OFF
9/12 DH (Deadhead) HNL-SEA
9/14 Mx Ferry MSP-SEA/SEA-MSP
9/17 Resv No Call
9/18 HNL-LAX
9/19 Day in LAX
9/20 LAX-HNL
9/21 Resv No call
9/22 OFF
9/23 Resv No Call
9/24 Resv No Call
9/25 HNL-NRT
9/26 Day in NRT
9/27 NRT-HNL
9/28 Off
9/29 Resv No Call
9/30 Resv No Call

Although I was on call, I actually only worked 13 days (and of those only flew 8). 71hrs Block/86 of pay.

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Do you get paid for Resv No Call?


When you’re on Reserve you get paid (at least) your min guarantee (which at Hawaiian is 75hrs) whether they use you or not. I actually got paid more because one of the trips I flew I agreed to fly on a day off so that goes ABOVE the 75hr guarantee.


Oh I see, That makes sense now.


I see it often on schedules but never asked. What is deadhead?

Deadheading is when you ride as a passenger from one city to another, usually for the purpose of then flying another flight. It is considered duty time and we are paid for it.

The term comes from railroading and refers to when a locomotive was moved with a train consist, but was not powered. The locomotive would be in sequence with the other locomotives at the head of the train, but since it was not powered it was “dead”. Hence the term “deadhead”.

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I know your going back to interisland and probably aren’t to concerned with it but I saw an interesting post and was wondering if you had heard anything about it

Yea it’s been the talk for a while. Hawaiian mgmt. has been wanting to expand our route structure. As the article says we had solid orders for the 350-800 but Airbus isn’t building it do to insufficient orders (900’s too big). We were then going with the 330 Neos but those apparently won’t have the range soooooo we’re “exploring our options”. Thing is Dunkerly has long stated he’d like an all Airbus fleet (cost efficient for parts and mx) so no one’s sure if this is legit or a bargaining strategy? Biggest problem for me is if we got the 787 or the 350 I might have to consider bidding it! Both are sexy airplanes! :slight_smile:


So if he wants an all Airbus fleet, what replaces the 717? What do you mean by expanding the route structure? If they get them then bid it, you can go back to those interisland flights later.

That’s a really good question and I can tell you something the company’s been wrestling with for some time. The 717 is a TANK! We put 12-14 cycles are these birds every day which is literally more than any other carrier anywhere ever has. They get comprehensive and meticulous mx but Boeing isn’t making anymore and there will come a point when they’re exhausted. Problem is there currently isn’t anything being manufactured by anyone that has the performance AND more important the durability. Guess we’ll have to wait and see?

The company believes there’s a market for direct flight to/from Europe and possibly the Middle East and India? Problem is we need an aircraft with the legs to do it.

As for bidding something new when it comes you don’t understand, I’m OLD AND TIRED!


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I’m not saying your old and tired but I know your glad to be back in the 717.

No I’M saying it! :slight_smile:

On the reserve no call dates were you at home or at the airport, crash pad, etc.?


I don’t commute AND I live 20min from the airport so I’m home. That’s actually one of the reasons I bid Reserve. At Hawaiian we have a 3hr Call Out which means you have 3hrs to get to the airport. I live in Oahu and there’s literally no where you can go that’s more than 1hr from the airport. On Reserve days I keep a bag packed, a shirt ironed and do whatever I’d normally do. If scheduling calls I go home, shower and go to work. If not I just keep doing what I’m doing. Very civilized.



How far in advance do you bid on schedules?


The exact date varies from airline to airline but it’s usually 2-3 weeks to a month prior.