Sept ‘21 Schedule: First month back from FMLA

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Hi Tory what’s the difference between block and credit hours ?

Hey Taylor!

Block = flight time
Credit = payed time

Block is the cumulative time of every flight. My airline starts the “block clock” from brake release to brakes set. So block includes taxi time.

Credit is used to calculate how much I am actually paid. Since I can get paid for more than just flight time (or block time), the company uses credit as a separate total. Whatever a pilot’s total credits end up being for the month, multiply that number by the pilot’s hourly rate and that’s how much the pilot made that month (gross), generally.

I can receive credits from things like flight time, deadheading, at-home computer-based training, ground school, sim, vacation, sick time, short-term disability, per diem, time away from base, etc. In other words, credits are flight time plus anything extra that the company pays me for.

For whatever reason my credits for this month appear to be less than my block time, but that’s usually incorrect. I have to login to another system to see the most accurate totals. These screenshots were taken from an app called eCrew and eCrew doesn’t add credits well at all, but that’s okay because that’s not really what eCrew is used for.



Okay thanks!

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You’re welcome!