Should I be a pilot?

I have always been interested in airplanes since a young age and have recently become interested in the career of a pilot. I know some stuff about the job but really hardly anything. My grandpa is a former Colonel in the Air Force and former pilot for Eastern Airlines so I have talked to some pilots about it and been on some AFB’s. I love the fact that you can travel the world as a pilot and the scenery is beautiful. But what I want to know is that is it hard to learn how to fly commercial airliners let alone planes in general, also learning how to talk to the ATC? Thanks


Learning to fly airplanes is difficult, like any trade can be. It takes years of studying, practicing, making mistakes and learning from them before one becomes truly comfortable as a pilot. Even after twelve years of flying for the airlines I still learn things everyday. Not everybody is made to be a pilot, just like I could never be a painter. That being said, if you bring a good attitude and a solid work ethic with you to flight training that will help you greatly.

As to your question of should you be a pilot, only you can answer that. I would strongly suggest that you take an introductory flight either at your nearest ATP or at a local flight school. An intro flight is a great way to get your hands on an airplane and see if you really enjoy flying or not. I think that a flight or two will really help you answer your questions about whether or not flying is right for you.