Should I get my bachelors in Aviation first or get my pilots license first?

I have been thinking of becoming a commercial airline pilot for some time now and I am wondering which oath is better. Should I get my BA for aviation first before I start getting my pilot licenses or should I go ahead and get my license before I get my degree?

Depends on your age imo… if your older, I would say get your ratings first then instruct for about a year and a half. Once you get your req 1500 hours then apply for a regional airline.”if that’s what your wanting”. Then do a online accredited bachelors degree program “which now can be completed in as few as 19 months” while working for a regional. Your degree doesn’t need to be aviation related, many would and have said get your degree in something other than aviation so you have a plan B. That’s my plan but I’m 38 yrs old. All This is assuming you chose ATP. Good luck to you,



I would recommend you get your BA in Aviation NEVER. While the airlines want a degree they care nothing about the field of study and should flying not work out there’s little you can do with an aviation degree. You’d be better served getting a degree in something other than aviation so you have a back up plan.


Thanks for the info. It is really helpful. I was thinking about working for Delta Airlines and their requirements is that the applicant requires a bachelors, but it’s not specific about which degree it has to be. So does that mean that I could apply with a degree with,let’s say, psychology? Do you think it would hurt or help my chance of being accepted if the degree is or is not related to being a commercial pilot?

No, you could major in spongebob history and still be competitive as long as you meet the other requirements.

I second Adam on this one. Stay away from aviation degrees. There is simply no need to have one.


I have known pilots to have degrees in everything from US history to piano composition. My degree is in business administration. The airlines want to see a degree, that is all.