Should I have a plan B?

Hi, my name is Wilfried, my dream job is to become an airline pilot for my entire life. I’ve read and seek for a lot of information about this career and my final question is should I have a plan B? If yes how and in which way? Any tips?


You don’t say if you’ve ever flown a plane before (flown as in piloted, not flown IN) nor do you say your age but I can see from your picture you’re young and you don’t mention any experience so I’ll assume there’s none. If I’m correct your question is kind of like me saying I want to play professional baseball and I’ve never worn a glove. How do you know if you have any talent or aptitude for it? I have no reason to believe that you don’t but frankly being an airline pilot is not something everyone can do or is successful at. Further more there are people who go through the training, build the time and decide they don’t really like it. Beyond medical issues can pop up, pilot’s have accidents and incidents and some just do foolish things (DUIs, fail a drug test, etc). I’m not trying to be negative but there are ALOT of people who dream of being pilots but the fact is many are unsuccessful. I’m 54yo, a Capt at a Major airline and I still have a Plan B. In short the answer is YES you should because “stuff” happens.

As for the how the most common way is since you’ll need a degree to fly for a Major anyway AND the airlines don’t care what you degree is in, get a degree in something else you would enjoy doing. Other than that pursue other interests or vocations that you could find employment in. Worse comes to worse there are plenty of jobs that are out there but I’d rather it be doing something I enjoy. While it may not be flying you don’t want it to be miserable either.


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Thank so much for responding, I appreciated, it give me an idea. I’m 16 and a student, sorry for not mentioning it before.


I think it is always good to have a Plan B in life, no matter what the topic is. If you do not already have a college degree, I recommend getting one in something other than aviation. With a non-aviation degree (such as business administration) you will have something to fall back on should the airlines not work out for whatever reason.