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Side Jobs while at ATP

As a student going through the 9 month Airline Career Program, will I have time for a part time job? To help cover expenses of food, gas for car, and other necessities?


Not during the 9 month Fast Track Program. That’s one reason ATP created the Flex Track Program. See ATP’s website or call Admin to discuss.


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We do ask that you are not working or going to school during the Fast Track Program as it is completely full-time training. If needed, you can include housing/living expenses in the student loan option offered through Sallie Mae to cover your bills while you are training full-time.

More information can be found here: Flight Training Loan FAQ / ATP Flight School

If you are looking to work at all while training, I would recommend looking into our Part-time Program. The Flex Track Airline Career Pilot Program allows scheduling flexibility needed for those who cannot dedicate full time to flight training. You will provide your availability a week in advance and your instructor will schedule you accordingly. The requirement that we have is that you are available for at least 15+ flight or FTD hours per month.

More information on that option can be found here: Flex Track Airline Career Pilot Program / ATP Flight School

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I did Asset Protection about 30-35hr/week during the 9month program. The only reason I could was because I made my own schedule.

It is not recommended because it is an intense program and in order to finish in 9months you really do need open availability. It took me 12months in 2017, some delays were my fault, some not.

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I would strongly recommend against working while in the Fast Track program. The programs very intense and every minute of your time needs to be spent studying, flying, or sleeping. If you do feel that you need to work, the Flex Track option is a good one.


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If you can make your schedule or only work weekends, that would be the only way you could make it work with the Fast track program. However as you can see, we highly discourage it because you’ll have very limited time as it is. Flex track would be best if you’re working even just part time.


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Thank you to all who replied! So if it’s recommended not to get a job, how does a student go about food? Is it provided by ATP? Just trying to get as many questions answered before applying for next August. Thanks!


While ATP discourages working they highly encourage eating during the program as proper nutrition is essential to life and remaining conscious during training.

Unfortunately (?) ATP does not provide food. It’s therefore incumbent on you to make sure you have some. Many people save their money prior to training while others take out additional money in their loans to cover living expenses.

Btw as long as we’re on the subject ATP also doesn’t provide free housing nor transportation to training. They also don’t supply other items some might deem essential like soap, shampoo, laundry detergent (or laundry service), toothpaste or toilet paper.


Was already planning on having the loan cover housing expenses (waiting for opening at Trenton, NJ location). And that’s all I needed to know! I will be working as much as possible to save enough to afford the necessities and anything else needed for training!


I graduated from Trenton (TTN) location here in January, now an instructor at the location. I can say that housing is hit or miss, you should inquire the admission department when you’re ready to apply.

For the “Side Jobs,” everyone hit in on point - the program is accelerated to what you would get in a 4-year University in 9-months! If you’re interested in financing questions, you should contact Kirk regarding the cost/loan assistance.


(I want to circle back to the original question from you)

Think of it this way, the faster you get through the program, the sooner you can move out of the housing and start making money instead of spending it. Often times people think working through the program is needed (and for a select few it may be absolutely necessary but that’s what the flex track is for). However, in reality that extra distraction causes delays in the program and you end up spending more time and more money (checkride busts, proficiency flights, extra time in housing) that you’re completely working against yourself. Does that make sense?
So in conclusion: if you absolutely have to work, go flex track program. If you don’t, fast track but it’s a recipe for disaster for most students to attempt to work while doing the fast track program