Single Commercial or Twin Commercial First?

I am on the cusp of finishing IFR training. I have been told by several people to for-go the single engine commercial for the twin commercial license. Which is better to get first and why?


Based off of your post, I am assuming that you are not training with ATP, so that makes it a bit different. It doesn’t really matter which airplane you get your commercial in first, but at some point you will need both a multi and single CFI. Most schools train students in the single first because it is much less expensive that way.


No, I am not with ATP. I inquired with them and they are expensive. I purchased a 172 and have been flying it, but it does not have a high performance engine or retractable gear. I am weighing my options to find the fastest way to the cockpit!


If you’ve done all your training in the 172 then you might as well get your CPL in the 172 and just do the ME as an add-on (if we were talking ATPs that’s a different conversation). Keep in mind if you aspire to become anything beyond a SE flight instructor you will not just need the ME rating but some ME time as well.