Single-Engine Fleet

I know some training locations have Piper Archers, but do all training locations have Cessna 172s? In order to complete the airline career program, would I need to be proficient in both aircraft?

I am not sure about if all locations have 172s, but I do know that you will not need to qualify on both airplanes to graduate the program. You will use the ones that your location has. Both of them are fine airplanes, I have had the pleasure of flying both.


Most locations have either all C172 or all PA28, so you will train on one model only. You wouldn’t want to be hopping from one to the other during the program.
After you finish the program though, you might do some training flights in the other model in order to be qualified in both for flight instruction, and that will happen in the CFI standardization course.


Our Archer locations are shown on the map on our website here:

All other locations are 172s.

For the spin training and occasionally the instrument instructor rating, even Archer pilots will transition to the 172.

Thanks Justin.

I’ll probably be training in Tampa (has Archers), but when I train for my CFI ratings in Jacksonville, I’ll fly the 172 since that location doesn’t have Archers. I’ve never flown a Cessna, only low-wing airplanes. Would I be at a slight disadvantage going into CFI training compared to other students who have flown the 172 before?

Yes, slight disadvantage simply because of less time in the 172 before the checkride.

But the fact is we have over a dozen Archer pilots do it every week. I do not think this factor is significant enough to impact your training center decision.

I would personally prefer to train in the new Archers, then make the transition at CFI School. You will have significant experience by that point, and our CFI School team is accustomed to helping Archer pilots make the transition.

Plus the Archers are sexier :wink:


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I definitely agree! Gotta love the G500.