Skywest Pilot interview prep

I have an interview coming up with Skywest and I’m searching for the best interview prep service. If you have tried AviationInterviews (or something else), I would love to hear from you.


PS. Prior to posting this, I searched for “Skywest Interview” and the most recent post was from over a year ago.

Aviation Interviews is definitely a great resource for interview gouges. Very detailed, accurate, and up-to-date information.

If you just have the one interview then get the basic plan, download the gouge, and cancel your subscription. Or hold onto it for a bit if you think you might end up interviewing elsewhere.

I’ve had about 5 interviews in the last few weeks and here are the most common questions I’ve been asked:

“Why do you want to work at [airline]?”
“What values would you bring to our airline?”
“Have you had any training failures? Explain.”
“Tell me about a time when you…
…had a conflict with someone you worked with
…overcame a challenge in your flying career
…made a mistake/learned something
…went above and beyond”
“What questions do you have for us?”

Don’t overlook that last one. A thoughtful question from you can be as valuable as a good answer to one of their questions. I like to ask what they think is the biggest challenge new pilots at their company might face and if they have any advice for overcoming those challenges.

Now obviously all of those are HR questions and not technical ones. Technical varies from airline to airline, with some asking no technical questions and some treating the interview like an oral exam. That’s where Aviation Interviews can really help you isolate what to study for.

Good luck!


Thanks so much!!!