Skywest training complete!

Just giving a quick update, I finally can say I’m an airline pilot! From starting at ATP/CTP in late May to Indoc, ground, and maneuvers June-July. Finally ending with passing my ILOE with Skywest August 6th.

Just wanted to say thank you to all the pilot mentors who helped through the process of starting at ATP in 2020 all the way to being an airline pilot in August 2023! Y’all’s recommendations and advice definitely helped in my success throughout, so thanks y’all! Look forward to seeing y’all on the line.


Congrats Kyle!

Time to start living the dream!


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Thanks Adam!


Congrats on the type rating and completion of IOE! Welcome to the friendly skies :slight_smile:


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Thank you!

Woow, congrats Kyle! Good luck! Posts like yours are inspiring :slight_smile: I plan to enroll at ATP this September 2023.

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That is awesome news, congratulations!! Thank yo for the update, please keep them coming as you progress through your career.


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Thank you Olivia! It was the best decision I could have made, just put in the work and you got this!

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Thank you sir! I will definitely keep y’all updated :+1:

Congratulations, Kyle! Skywest training is no joke. Now comes the best part, flying! Have fun and continue to learn on the line. The first year you will learn so much.



Thank you Hannah! Yeah it really was very challenging but very rewarding at the same time. I will definitely be ready to learn on the line!

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