Slow learner

I am in my early 40’s and I was so excited to start aviation school. My ground school grades were solid. In the plane I was a slow learner. I didn’t think I was that terrible, but I was told I would not achieve a pvt in the allotted 70 hrs, and released from the program.

I a not scared in the plane, I enjoyed flying and all the ground material, but should I move on, or find a different school?

Trust me, I would rather honesty than then feel this way a second time


Were you released from ATP’s program, or another flight school’s?


Another flight school, not sure if I should apply for ATP or move on.


Unfortunately after hearing about your experience, I’m not sure ATP will work well for you. 70 hours is a pretty generous amount of time towards a rating. Unless it was very inefficient training, I’d say you’re probably going to have a difficult time with the pace of ATP. It’s an incredibly condensed, rigorous program. The private phase is about 60 hours and each phase gets shorter and shorter. By the multi engine phase, you’re doing 4 flights, 8 hours total from your first flight to your checkride.

Just because ATP might not be the right fit doesn’t mean you should move on altogether. Hopefully you can find a happy medium with a local mom and pop. One that can go at a pace you’re comfortable with.



I’m not sure what your goal is and my advice would be based on that. If you simply want to earn your PPL there are plenty of schools that will hold your hand and allow you to take your time. Eventually you may be successful.

If however you eventually want to fly professionally that could be an issue. The training gets harder and the expectations go up as well. Further the airlines require you to complete all your training in the alloted time.

Bottomline is flying really isn’t for everyone and that’s ok. If you enjoy it and simply want to see this through than by all means keep going. If however your aspirations are loftier you should probably reevaluate.


Great thanks