SM or WF application timing

When would be the best time to inquire about the loans through WF or SM? Would it be a bad idea to send in an application while I’m still receiving FAFSA for a community college? Also, when did you apply for financing (If you did). Was it right before you started or is it okay to apply for the loan several months in advance?

I am realistically about 3-4 months from starting at ATP if accepted, would I be fine to apply for the financing now or should I wait?

Like I said I am still receiving FAFSA money and going to college for the next 10-11 months and my credit is pretty good.


If you’re 3-4 mos away you definitely want to start applying soon. They take a little while and as someone else said you’re probably going to need a cosigner.



You should be applying very soon. Again, I Ould call the admissions department as they are the experts.