SODA for hearing

I have already looked around the boards and found related questions but they do not answer my question specifically.

My 23 year old passed his exam with the AME but needs to submit documents to the FAA to get a SODA for his 50 hearing loss in one ear. I have read and understand the hearing requirements on the FAA site. Nothing scary there.

My son has scheduled an appointment with an ENT but I called and they don’t know what they are supposed to do/provide for him. Is there a specific form? Do they just write a letter stating that he can pass the “6 feet behind conversation” test?

Thanks in advance,


I would think your AME would have that information.


I just asked my son. He said the AME just said he needed to write a letter to the FAA requesting the SODA and a letter from the ENT saying that he passed the conversation test.


We are not able to answer medical specific questions on this website. You will have to work with the AME and the FAA on this.