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My name is Chandler Mackles and I’m in high school in Louisiana. I was wondering how to get started on a path to being a commercial pilot flying from state to state. Is there any recommended courses to take in high school? And what about after that should I go to college,pilot school, Air Force or etc.? And how do you apply once your done with that do you just go to the airport and fill out an application?


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Right now the best thing that you can do is get good grades in high school so that you can be well positioned for college. When you start looking at colleges there are three ways that you can go.

The first is a military academy, if you can get into one of those that is absolutely what I would do. The academies provide a great education at the best price ever, free.

The next option is an aviation school like Embry Riddle. While these schools also provide a good education they do so at a very high cost.

If the academies are not an option then I recommend going to a regular college and getting a degree in something that could. E useful if aviation does not work out, like business administration. After that I would attend a fast track flight school (like ATP) to get your flight ratings, this is what I did.

After you have your ratings you will need to build up 1,500 hours of flight time, most people do this by flight instructing. At that point you will be eligible to apply to the airlines, which you will do online.

It sounds like a lot, but it is all manageable when done in small chunks. Let us know what other questions you have.



Quick question? Have you ever flown a small plane? If not I strongly recommend you go for an intro flight lesson. While you may believe this is what you want to do until you’ve actually been up you won’t know for certain.


No but I do plan to soon with a relative who has his private pilot license

Good you should!