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Southwest August 2021 Schedule - rubber chickens galore

Hey all - August credited 99 with 21 days off (17 without sick days). Full loads and a variety of flying. A bit of Hawaii, yearly recurrent training, and then in and out of hurricane Ida at the end of the month. Attached a photo from our sim bay - I’ve always thought it was pretty impressive.

Fun fact: there’s a rubber chicken hanging from every sim in our building. Tale goes that an old sim mechanic put it on them for good luck (symbol from his culture) and management thought it looked ridiculous so they got rid of them. The next day every single sim broke down and Herb ordered that they immediately go back! So now every sim we get comes from CAE with the rubber chicken already installed :joy: LUV my company

  1. OFF
  2. OFF
  3. OFF
  4. LAX-SJC
  5. SJC-LIH
  6. LIH-LAX
  7. OFF
  8. OFF
  10. OFF
  11. OFF
  12. OFF
  13. OFF
  14. OFF
  15. OFF
  16. OFF
  17. OFF
  18. OFF (sick)
  19. OFF (sick)
  20. OFF (sick)
  21. OFF (sick)
  22. OFF
  23. OFF
  24. PHX-DAL (deadhead to training)
  25. Classroom
  26. Maneuvers Observation (sim)
  27. Line Oriented Evaluation (sim) and DAL-PHX (deadhead home)
  28. OFF
  29. OFF


The rubber chicken is a nice, comedic touch. :rofl:

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Hey Jordan,
Are you based at Phoenix or do you usually have to commute to work with southwest? Because I’m considering Southwest as it’s one of Nashville’s biggest airlines and I live there which would give me a chance to be home often. Do you also know if Southwest has a base in Nashville?

Thanks, Androu

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Southwest does not have a base in Nashville,



Thanks Tory!


Hey Androu,

I’d hesitate to choose a company because of a base - bases change! That being said, no - BNA is not currently a pilot base. It was however announced to be our next satellite base for Flight Attendants and that’s always the first step for it becoming an official pilot base. I think it’s very likely down the road but of course, no way to know for sure.



I have noticed on several threads that you have expressed an interest to be home often. While I certainly understand that, by definition pilots travel long distances to far away places and that drives being on the road a lot. You shop;d plan on being gone for many nights per month, regardless of your seniority at an airline.


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