Southwest January 2020 FO Schedule

Hey all - January credited 106.6 trips with 19 days off. That converts to about 93 “hours.”

  3. OFF
  4. OFF
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  8. OFF
  10. SEA-SMF-BUR-SJC-RNO (1st leg DH)
  12. ATL-MCO (DH)
  13. OFF
  14. OFF
  15. OFF
  16. OFF
  17. MCO-ATL-MCO-BWI (1st leg divert, 2nd leg ferry, 3rd leg DH)
  18. BWI-AUS-TPA (last leg DH)
  20. OFF
  21. OFF
  25. OFF
  26. OFF
  27. OFF
  28. OFF
  29. OFF
  30. OFF
  31. OFF

Hi Jordan!

Sounds like a pretty great schedule. If you don’t mind me asking, how old were you when you were hired on at Southwest? Did you fly for a regional first?

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Hey Arman,

I was 28 years old when I was hired at SWA - about a year and a half ago. I flew for SkyWest for 3.5 years prior to that.



Oh wow congratulations! Skywest is actually the regional that I want to fly for if possible. I’m guessing your were either 24 or 25 when you were hired for Skywest? I should be 25 by the time I have enough hours to apply for a regional. Hopefully that will be a good age to start at a regional. I am 22 now and will start training with ATP in February (I turn 23 in February the week I start training).

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It’s a fantastic regional! I absolutely loved my time at SkyWest, and it was actually bittersweet to leave. Which is saying a lot I think for regionals these days. I started ATP a month after my 23rd birthday and then exactly 2 years later I started at SkyWest - so yeah I had just turned 25. Don’t stress about the age thing too much - if you’re in your 20s, you are early to the game. I wouldn’t get so caught up on the numbers. Just do your best to get through as efficiently and as SUCCESSFULLY as you can! Good luck to ya!


Thank you so much for your encouragement. I wish you the best in your career! Seems like you have set up a wonderful future for yourself. Hopefully I can do the same.

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Hi Jordan!

Do you ever get to do any Hawaii or international trips? I know your airline is a little different than the other majors since everyone flies the same aircraft, so I’m guessing that mostly senior people bid for those trips and get them?

Hey TJ! Seniority wise I could hold reserve as an ETOPS pilot to do the Hawaii flying, but the only bases that offer it right now are LAX and OAK. Since I live in FL for now, it just doesn’t make sense. But I could commute for it or move out that way if I really wanted to.

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Hey Jordan! Were you ever on reserve for Southwest? How long is reserve call out for Southwest pilots?

Hey Derick - I’ve only sat reserve a handful of times here at Southwest. The callout for us is always 2 hours.

Awesome! Doesn’t sounds bad! How long is training for Southwest and where do they do their training? Thanks for the info.

Training for Southwest is just shy of 2 months and takes place at HDQ in Dallas, TX.


Nice shot.

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Hey Jordan,

I don’t want to assume, but I’m guessing each of those full-motion simulators are for each different 737 that Southwest flies? Pretty neat snag you got there, that purple adds some nice soothing touch to what seems like a gigantic room!


When I took this photo we only had sims for two types of 737. Both NG - 700 and 800 with very few differences. We’ve since added 6 Max sims and quite a few NGs. We just continue to expand that building. And unless maintenance is being done it’s always a blue or purple hue down there. They make it festive colors for the holidays but otherwise this is what it always looks like!


Jordan- what’s it like flying into sjc? My house is right in the flight path if your flying from north to south and you make the final left turn before the landing.


I’ve never landed to the south in SJC. The winds almost always favor Rwy 30L/R. The BRIXX arrival is beautiful. It takes you over the coast until turning southeast-bound towards 101. The approach itself isn’t anything special.


It is like landing at any other airport. A long, straight runway, although it does have a rather significant displaced threshold.

As Tory said, they rarely land south at SJC - I’ve only done it once. From what it sounds like, you probably get more traffic passing overhead on departure making an immediate right off 30R.

As for flying into SJC, I do quite enjoy getting a look at Apple HQ! It’s very cool to see from above. They also have a really neat coffee robot down by the gates we park at.


Jordan my mistake. You guys are right in that southern departures are rare. The traffic over my house I am referring to is going north towards the airport. The planes are a few thousand feet above my house when passing over. On a different note, I currently work in healthcare and my hospital is literally next door to the Apple building. That building is a monster!

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