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Southwest January 2021 Schedule

Hey all - January credited 115.3 with 17 days off. Completed my 737MAX Training and excited to get back in it in March (been almost 2 years since I have flown it).

  1. OFF
  2. OFF
  3. OFF
  4. OFF
  5. OFF
  6. OFF
  8. KOA-HNL
  9. HNL-SJC
  11. OFF
  12. OFF
  13. OFF
  16. OGG-SJC
  18. OFF
  19. PHX-DAL (deadhead)
  20. MAX Training, DAL-PHX (deadhead)
  21. OFF
  22. OFF
  23. OFF
  24. OFF
  25. OFF
  26. OFF
  27. OFF
  30. OGG-SJC
  31. SJC-LAX

Thanks for posting this Jordan! Looks like you (and Southwest) are doing a lot of flights to Hawaii! It’s great to see the schedules of our pilot mentors to see what we could (hopefully) be doing in the future.

It’s also interesting to see the pilot side of the re-introduction of the 737MAX. From the max angle of climb videos I’ve seen on YouTube, that airplane looks like it has a lot of power! Can you feel a noticeable difference in thrust on takeoff compared to the 737-700/800’s?

A few of my non-pilot friends sent me your TikTok video last week and I was like… wait I definitely know who she is!!! She went to my flight school! Haha.
I have my MEI checkride tomorrow and it’s cool remembering a year ago when I’d look at all of you airline pilots posting your monthly schedules and feeling like it would be forever til I was anywhere near it. Thanks for posting your schedule every month! Seeing all those Hawaii trips is motivating…


Hey Bobby! LAX is ETOPS dedicated so we tend to do almost exclusively Hawaii out of there.

The Max8 engine only has 1000 lbs more thrust than the -800. 28K compared to 27K. I don’t remember noticing much difference in power to be honest but it’s definitely a lot quieter and takes a LOT longer to start! Majority of our takeoffs are at a reduced thrust setting though, so that could be why. We only use max thrust for takeoff if required for performance (windshear, weight, etc).

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