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Southwest March 2021 Schedule

Hey all - March credited 88 with 22 days off (18 if I hadn’t called in sick). Airports have been madhouses again which is a weird but welcome experience. Also SWA just announced 100 firm orders of the 737-MAX7 (now totals 200 firm orders of MAX7, 149 firm orders of MAX 8, and another 270 options for either one). We’ve also opened or announced 17 new airports since the pandemic began. Definitely glad to see things moving forward!

  1. SJC-LAX
  2. OFF
  3. OFF
  4. OFF
  5. OFF
  6. OFF
  7. LAX-SMF
  9. OFF
  10. OFF
  11. OFF
  15. OFF
  16. OFF
  17. OFF
  18. OFF
  19. OFF
  21. PDX-PDX-LAS-MSY (1st leg gate return for mx issue and next 2 legs were DHs instead of planned trip)
  22. MSY-LAX
  23. OFF
  24. OFF
  25. OFF
  26. OFF (sick)
  27. OFF (sick)
  28. OFF (sick)
  29. OFF (sick)
  30. OFF
  31. OFF
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I second the madhouse reference! I felt that especially in LAX this month.

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Haha for some reason the first time I saw it I thought you went from Lax to Philadelphia to PDX…was thinking that would have been a long day :slight_smile:

What does DH mean?

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Not that anybody cares, but the term “deadhead” comes from railroading. It refers to a locomotive that is not active, that is being pulled by another, active locomotive, but is still at the front of the train. So in other words, it is “dead” at the “head” of a train.


I do care and that’s actually pretty cool history! I was first introduced to the term when I worked in transportation logistics. A deadhead I when a driver moves an empty trailer. Drivers would try to use deadheads as an excuse to get us to pay them more, as well as just about every other excuse. “Pay me more and nothing is ever my fault” :joy:

I like the railroad’s version. Actually makes sense.



Interesting…. I always wondered that actually. Thanks for sharing! That’s a good trivia question