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Southwest May 2021 Schedule

Hey all - May credited 95.4 with 21 days off (17 if not including sick days). Back to flying ETOPS - good practice since pretty much my entire June schedule will be crossings and inter island flying. Had the chance to get back into ORD which was surreal but just as I remembered from my time based there - missed it! Still my favorite airport in the country.

I got a nice seniority bump this month to 60% in base, since we added 50% more pilots to LAX and all of the FOs are junior to me. Huge ETOPS expansion as I mentioned in another post and our MAX8 is also ETOPS approved now as well. Looks like we are bringing back the 60 folks who had class dates pre-covid to interview again and hearing rumors of a bit more hiring before the end of the year. All good signs!

  1. OFF
  2. OFF
  3. OFF
  4. OFF
  5. OFF
  6. LAX-DEN-PHL (commuted into LAX the morning of this trip and also got to see my mom & grandma on the PHL overnight)
  9. OFF (commuted home first flight out - home by 10am)
  10. OFF
  14. OFF
  15. OFF
  16. OFF
  17. OFF
  18. OFF
  19. OFF
  20. OFF (sick)
  21. OFF (sick)
  22. OFF (sick)
  23. OFF (sick)
  24. OFF
  25. OFF
  26. OFF
  27. LAX-OAK-KOA (commuted in morning of this trip)
  28. KOA-SJC
  30. AUS-MSY-DEN-LAX (Longest day of flying I have had in a while. Began with an unexpected nearly 0 vis takeoff - unexpected to the point where tower hadn’t even turned on the runway lights yet. Was beautiful until about 100 knots when the skies opened and it went to heavy rain and nearly 0 vis. Then of course my landing margin was 666 ft into MSY so I knew it was just gonna be one of those days. Spent 2 hours behind schedule all day due to wx chaos in DEN. Got in around 1am and slept a few hours in the crew room before catching the first flight home)
  31. OFF (home by 10am and useless for 24 hours)