Southwest September 2020 Schedule

Hey all - September credited 79 with 28 days off. First month being LAX based but had a vacation week so didn’t end up flying much at all. I think my block was 4 hours. Our vacation works pretty different from most but pays well so I was fortunate to have a LOT of time off for my move and settling in.

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  11. LAX-DEN-SJC (then skipped DH and commuted myself back to PHX)
  12. OFF
  13. OFF
  14. (skipped DH and commuted myself to SJC to start my trip, the day cancelled so I took a DH through PHX to get home and skipped out on the last leg back to LAX)
  15. OFF
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  18. OFF
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Wow, that is a lot of time off. Thank you for posting.

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How are you liking being LAX based? I always liked the Theme Building (the UFO looking building), it reminds me of the golden era of aviation.


Sorry for the late reply! I am loving it but as you can see I’ve only done one trip so far. I believe it’s our smallest base but absolutely more of a family feel because of that. It’s also a younger and more junior base (coming from the VERY senior Orlando… this is a nice change of pace). I commuted in a few hours before my show and met one of our Chiefs… he sat me down for almost 20 min to chat about family and life and give me the scoop on the base. And every trip I have been awarded so far has 24 hour overnights in Hawai’i! A lot are canceling at the moment due to their covid rules… but excited to get out there!

Thanks for the info!
Just curious how does Southwest pay? Is it hourly?
Also, do they have 401k matching? I was looking at Airline Pilot Central but I know that information can be wrong or outdated sometimes.
Also, what are typical times for captain upgrade? During a non pandemic season of course.

Hey Derick,

SWA pays the same way every other airline in the US pays - hourly rates. In our case it’s a “trip” rate (which a “trip” is ~ 50 min; this is super confusing and I won’t get into it unless you’re really curious).

We do not have a 401K “match” - we have an NEC (nonelective contribution) meaning that our employer puts in 15% every paycheck regardless of what you put in yourself.

Typical upgrade time has varied here over the years from 4-10 years. I believe it was at 9 pre-pandemic. Obviously right now it’s stalled but there have been periods of no hiring that will cause it to drop and move again. No way to guess what it will be.

For example, pre-pandemic Delta’s most junior CA was just under 2 years. After they reshuffled the seniority list for covid - their most junior CA was 19 years at the company. Not sure where it will fall now that they saved a few months of people and pushed back the furloughs until November… but this is just a clear example of how in just a few months the upgrade can change over a decade.

Hope that helps! Feel free to reach out if you have more questions.


Thanks for being so helpful!
I am curious about the trip rate, BUT… I completely understand if you don’t want to get into it.


SWA’s whole “trip pay” is confusing enough that most of us outside of SWA don’t get it. Suffice it to say, SWA pilots are well paid.


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Jordan, I see you mentioned southwest Orlando base, was you once based there? In today’s time, how quickly could a new hire get there as a FO?