Spirit Airlines providing employees with financial help for flight training?


I am a recent new hire with Spirit Airlines as a flight attendant! I still have my initial training to go through and I definitely want to build time as a crew member, but I do want to one day become an airline pilot. What financing options do I have as an airlines employee for flight training? Does ATP have an agreement with Spirit? Has there been many flight attendants that have decided to earn their wings with ATP?

Thank you!


At this time, ATP and Spirit have an Airline Partnership where you interview at 500 hours, build time to 1,500 while working for ATP and then transition to Spirit at mins, though no financial agreement has been made where you earn anything like tuition reimbursement. For financing, most students will secure a loan to pay for the full amount; however, some do finance half and half (own pocket and financing). Both your questions can be found directly on ATP’s website:

If you are curious to know if Spirit has an assistance within, since you work there, you may be able to contact someone on the inside and find out. No one knows the statistics of flight attendants earning their wings, though it is becoming more common. I can safely say I’ve met a few during my time as a student and instructor at ATP that decided to take the leap from the galley to the flight deck.


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Gotcha will do! Thanks for the response!