Sporty's learning mode

Hi, 2 questions about Sporty’s

  1. I’m trying to study for PAR, IRA, and CAX but one at a time (to help with memorization). Sporty’s lets you add different sections in its “learning mode” (below) but I’m lost as to which sections apply to which knowledge test.

Can you help me map them out?

  1. Am I understanding correctly that the 900 odd questions in the sections above cover all possible questions in the FAA questions bank (with small word variations)?

Many thanks for your help here mentors, it’s invaluable!

  1. The categories presented to you are determined by the course you currently have selected. For example, go to “My Courses” and choose “Learn To Fly Course” and select “Private Pilot”. Now goto “Test Prep” and start a “New Study Session”. The categories you see to select from all pertain to the course you currently have selected. To verify, go back to My Courses and select “Instrument Rating Course” -> “Test Prep” -> “New Study Session” and noticed they are different. You will find crossover from IRA & PAR as well as CAX & PAR because private pilot skills are the foundation to both instrument and commercial flying.

  2. Yes, these questions are a very close representation of the actual FAA exams. Questions will be a bit different but the format and subject areas will be the same.

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