Hello everyone.
Can I please get some advice on how to bring it to your wife that you’ll be leaving your full time job ( making $75k a year ) to start flight school and start from the bottom again and possibly be making only half of my salary now at the beginning of my new career.
And also explain to her that I’ll be gone for half of the month, if not more.
Were you guys ever been in that situation? If so, how did it go?

I’m probably not the best to give advice on this one since when I told my wife she told me I was insane and kicked me out. BUT, she did subsequently take me back when she discovered telling her friends her husband’s an airline pilot moved her up the food chain so maybe I am?

Seriously though I would focus on a few things. First is the earning potential. While you’re initially taking a cut ULTIMATELY you have the potential to make considerably more than the $75k you’re currently bringing home.

Next are the travel benefits for you and your family. Yes anyone can plan a vacation and take the kids to Disney but I’m talking about something altogether different. I’m talking about taking my boys to FL for the day to see a spring training game, my daughter to the Mall of America for a day to find a party dress because the local mall “had nothing”, or better to Beijing for her graduation. How about taking my wife to New Orleans for etouffee at some restaurant she saw the day before on the Food Network or her being able to jump on a flight to Italy the same day she heard her favorite uncle was dying. I could go on for days but I think you get the idea. These are literally priceless memories my kids remind and thank me for often.

Finally, and this really is the biggy but somewhat more nebulas. No disrespect but before I decided to make the change I made ALOT more than $75k and my pay cut was in the 6 figures. Thing is I was miserable, in bad shape and popping Tums like they were M&Ms. I was never home and when I was I was generally quite unpleasant to be around. I was providing my family with money but not much else. I don’t know if you can relate at all but regardless there’s something very special about doing what you enjoy for a living. At least in my case it made me very happy and when I became happy I realized that I wanted everyone around me to be as well and I was no longer unpleasant, in fact I became VERY pleasant and that my friend is a wonderful thing!

Oh and Btw I’m back making pretty good money and that’s not a bad thing either :slight_smile:


Adam thank you so much man. I’m in the same boat right now. I really don’t like my job. I’m very miserable, I have no time for my family. I’m literally working 7 days a week. It’s really not a good situation. It’s painful everytime I have to wake up a go yo work. I think there’s more to life than the way my life is going.

Btw: no you did not disrespect me at all :grin:
Once again thank you for advice

Hope it helps?

Oh and btw, yes you’ll be gone a few days in a row but you’ll also be home days in a row. Much easier to do those around the house projects!


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I wouldn’t be able to give any real advice since I haven’t been married yet, but I cannot agree more. Doing what you enjoy is most important.

Also, the pay cut would only be for a short period of time. At most regionals, 2-3 year captains usually make around what you are making right now. That means if you started flight training today, it would be 2 years until you are hired at a regional, and then 2-3 more years until you upgrade and you are back where you left off.


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Yep, very true. I’ll be having a lot more time than just a couple hours off that I’m getting right now.

Thanks a lot for your advice. The way I look at it is, I’m sacrificing what I am now for what I will become. It won’t be easy but it’ll worth it.


As we are celebrating Thanksgiving today (Happy Turkey Day), I understand that you will sometimes be away from your family during the holidays. This happens a lot in the military and other professional jobs. But do you receive holiday pay or overtime pay? I saw an article stating that you receive more per hour if you fly beyond your required monthly amount, but do specific days receive extra pay (Christmas, Thanksgiving, New Years, etc…).



It’s the even of Turkey Day and I just landed in LAX, fly back to HNL in the am. The short answer is NO there is no holiday pay. If you’re senior you’ll be off if you’re junior you’ll be working, Simple as that.

As for getting paid if you fly over that really applies to reserve where you have a min guarantee and yes if you fly more you’ll be paid for it but it’s no bonus. The only time you’ll find pilots actually getting “premium” (double time etc) is if the airline is short on pilots and you get called on your days off and volunteer to work. In that case you can usually play a little “let’s make a deal” :slight_smile:

Happy Thanksgiving Goble Goble!