St. Louis Location (KSUS)

I’m in the early process of enrolling in the KSUS location. Is there anywhere I can get the operational stats? Number of planes, number of instructors, plane availability, number of students, etc. I’m motivated enough to get the fast track done but I’ve obviously read some horror stories of the process being drawn out well past the program estimation for reasons outside of student dedication.


In addition to the info on the ATP website, the other day Chris made a great suggestion to schedule your Admission Flight at the location of your choice. This will give you the opportunity to actually see the location, resources and discuss your concerns directly with them.

You might also want to participate in this:



As Adam mentioned (and Chris on another thread), schedule an Admission Flight at SUS and get the facts in person. ATP operates across the nation 80+ locations, every location has its own unique challenges, ATP analyzes that and takes into consideration for opening new locations etc. Before ATP would post how many aircraft specific at locations, also the instructors are on the location webpage, but due to how fast aircraft movement occurs, it’s almost “impossible” to keep the exact number of aircraft at a location updated on daily basis.