Start Dates for new Trainees

As an aspiring student, I was wondering if there is designated start dates for new trainees (like a semester in school) or does it start at any time you wish to begin?


ATP has classes starting every month nationwide. Keep in mind that it seems EVERYBODY in the country suddenly realized they’ve wanted to be pilots their whole lives(?) so slots fill up quickly. If you’ve got a location and start date in mind, it’s best to start the process sooner than later to ensure availability.


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ATP starts classes as Adam said, monthly and on Mondays. Sometimes classes get filled up at a location so it is best to contact the Admissions Department and get the ball rolling if you have a date in mind. You must have a First Class Medical in hand when enrolling, if you don’t have one or need instructions on how to get one. In Adam’s link if you scroll down a little, you will see hyperlinks and an informative box on how to obtain a medical.



You are allowed to secure financing and schedule a start date up to 9 months prior. If you can, get all the prerequisites completed as soon as you can so you can have your pick of class dates before they fill up.