Start my private pilots license on Sunday....What essentials should I bring

I am sure I will learn more from my instructor, but in addition to the physical, my passport and drivers license, what should I or did you always have with you in a backpack?

Thanks again for all the great advise on here



I wouldn’t worry about spending money on any additional materials. ATP provides students with the majority of the required resources, and they’re usually pretty good about communicating what additional materials need to be purchased prior to day one. If there’s something in particular that your instructor wants you to get, you will have plenty of time to sort it out after you’ve started the program.



SUNGLASSES! Should be required by the FARs!


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I second what Adam said. Sunglasses are a must! It’s not only a comfort item, but also something that will protect your vision. Don’t want to go blind by the age of 35 :slight_smile: