Starting at 40

Would you consider starting to learn to fly at 40 too late if my goal is to fly commercially? I’m in great health. If yes, what’s the quickest way to get in the right seat?


The short answer is no. To answer the all the “how” questions I recommend you spend a few minutes browsing this forum starting with the FAQ section ( and then come back with some specific questions.



Check out this link, it will help answer your questions.



While we appreciate your encouragement, I’m not sure where you’re getting your info?

First while there are some very nice bonuses out there, they’re not 50-60% of most of the $70-80K loans most people require.

Next, no one is “down” on people starting when there slightly or even much older. ATP has been encouraging people of all ages to dive in for decades. I started when I was 39 and that was 13yrs ago. Long before the pilot shortage.

Finally, while you can’t fly for a Part 121 airline after 65 it has ZERO to do with your ATP cert, nor do you lose it.

All are welcome to chime in but please try and provide correct information.